About Us

About Us

The organisation for health professionals working in the preoperative field

The Preoperative Association is an organisation for health professionals working in the preoperative field and was launched in 2004. The founding members of the Association were Amanda Bassett, Pam Parry, Jane Jackson, John Carlisle, Marie Digner and Jenny Bramhall

The Preoperative Association has 12 council members who meet regularly at the Association of Anaesthetists, London. The committee is leading the development of Preoperative Assessment in the UK, and works alongside the Royal College of Anaesthetists, National Institute of Clinical Excellence and NHS producing national policies.

Any person, whether a staff member in healthcare or a lay person may seek membership of the Preoperative Association, resulting in an inclusive and open association. Please see the Membership section for further details.

Past Presidents
2004-2005 - Dr John Carlisle
2006-2007 - Mrs Jane Jackson
2008-2009 - Dr Dave Earl
2010-2011 - Mrs Jane Jackson
2011-2012 - Dr Burra Murthy
2013-2014 - Dr Rob Hill
2015-2016 - Mrs Marie Digner
2017-2018 - Prof Burra Murthy

Mission Statement for The Preoperative association

  • Establish best practice in the field of preoperative medicine through research, audit and consensus
  • Disseminate this best practice through conferences, publications and the Preoperative Association web site
  • Provide study days and training events to promote a safe national standard and knowledge base
  • Identify the competencies expected for nursing grades working in the preoperative assessment clinics within the NHS and private healthcare sector
  • Contribute to the production of guidelines to facilitate multi-disciplinary teams working in the Preoperative Assessment clinics.
  • Establish and award grants for research in the field of preoperative optimisation for patients undergoing surgical procedures.
  • Establish and award bursary for developing and implementing projects to improve patient safety in the field of Preoperative medicine.

Council Members

Ms Ali Curtis RN DipN BSc (Hons)


Matron - Outpatient & Clinical Support Services, Benenden Hospital Trust


Immediate Past President

Clinical Lead for Preoperative Asessment service at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals.

Jo Mahoney, BSc (Hons), RN, V300

Secretary of the Preoperative Association

National Lead in Pre-Operative Assessment for Spire Healthcare

Dr Rob Hill, MB BS FRCA


Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Lead for Preoperative Assessment Service, St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester

Dr Sameena Ahmed


Consultant Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist and Clinical lead for Cardiothoracic Preassessment.
 Freemam Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Mrs Marie Digner, RGN, BSc (Hons), MSc, AMIHM (Senior)

Past-President of Preoperative Association 2015-17

Clinical Manager Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Lee Wadsworth RGN MSc V300

Marketing & Educational Development

Freelance Clinical Trainer and Nurse Consultant

Dr Simon Lewis


Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Lead for Peroperative Assessment, Bristol

Miss Claire Badger BN (Hons), RGN, MSc


Consultant Nurse Lead Preoperative Assessment Service

Mrs Anne Wright RGN, BSc(hons), Post grad Dip Advanced Nursing Practice


Senior Sister for Preoperative Assessment services in District General hospital in Wales.

James Durrand


Trainee in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Lucy Barnes BM BSc (Hons) FRCA PGCert Perioperative Medicine and Anaesthesia


Senior Anaesthetic Registrar