Scoring Systems

Preoperative Scoring Systems 
Dr. Ramani Moonesinghe 
Lecture Abstract: 2014 Conference

Preoperative risk scoring systems may provide clinicians and patients with estimates of the likelihood of adverse postoperative outcomes. In this talk, the general strengths and weaknesses of risk scoring systems will be discussed, and the relative merits and limitations of specific systems such as the POSSUM tools and Surgical Risk Scale will be presented. A novel preoperative scoring system developed in a collaborative effort between UCL’s Surgical Outcomes Research Centre and NCEPOD will be presented for the first time. It is intuitive to believe that decision-making based on the outcome of risk scoring is more important than the process of scoring itself; however the evidence base to guide clinicians in these decision-making processes is limited. Suggestions for future directions in perioperative research related to risk prediction will therefore be discussed. 

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