Patient Information

Patient Information

Welcome to the patient forum of the Preoperative Association. The Royal College of Anaesthetists and other NHS bodies have produced a number of resources to provide you with further information to help you prepare for your surgery.



This Fitter Better Sooner video and leaflet produced by The Royal College of Anaesthetists explains some of the things to consider before you come to hospital for your operation, and also things you can do to improve your fitness  prior to surgery. 




What you do in the lead up to your surgery to optimise your health and fitness can have an impact on how you recover afterwards, as well as your long term health.  It is also important to think about some of the things that may help you to manage better during your time in hospital.

NHS Choices: Live Well provides information on how you can improve your health, for example through healthy eating, exercise, stopping smoking, and reducing alcohol intake.



You will be reviewed by an anaesthetist prior to your operation, either in the preassessment clinic or on admission to hospital.  There are different types of anaesthesia for surgery, and the anaesthetist will discuss the best options for you, along with the risks and side effects, based on your health, and type of surgery required.  You may not be seen by an anaesthetist if your surgery is going to be performed under local anaesthesia.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists and Association of Anaesthetists have produced guides explaining the types of anaesthetic that are available, and some of the events and risks associated with receiving an anaesthetic.  

Patient information

Information for children, parents and carers

Anaesthesia information leaflets and videos 

Risks of anaesthesia information sheet

Caring for some one who has had an anaesthetic or sedation booklet



The Royal College of Anaesthetists has produced a number of guides for specific types of surgery, which may help you to prepare.


Hernia repair


Knee arthroscopy

Knee replacement