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The Preoperative Association is an organisation for health professionals working in the preoperative field. The Association will offer an opportunity to influence national guidance, frameworks, training, competencies and agendas. An article published in the Royal College of Anaesthetists' Bulletin from January 2004 detailing the launch of the Association is available by clicking here: RCoA Preop Launch article.

Founding members of the Preoperative Association are:

The Preoperative Association exists to benefit the health and care of people, both patients of the UK's National Health Service and of independent sectors of healthcare provision. In particular, the Preoperative Association exists to benefit people who have surgery planned. Our aims are to be achieved through the work of the members of the Association, in particular, through the identification of the preoperative service that most benefits patients (research & audit), the dissemination of this best practice (networking) and through ensuring the implementation of this practice (audit).

Run via a Board consisting of both lay and professional members, the Association will hold an AGM and a meet at least twice a year. Current members of the Board can be found by clicking here: Board Members .

Any person, whether a staff member in healthcare or a lay person, may seek membership of the Preoperative Association, resulting in an inclusive and open association. Please see the Membership section for further details.